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Best Places To Travel In The World

Best Places To Travel In The World

Travelling is indeed one of the best things that you can do with your life. I feel, in my personal opinion, that exploring the world would be one of the best things that a human can do with their lives. There is a phrase that I use sometimes; I came across this quote when I was surfing the web, well here it is, “we weren’t born to work, pay bills and die, we were born to discover nature’s majestic beauty and explore it.”

terrible reputation

I truly believe that we were born to explore the planet, not exploit it. Exploitation of the planet is what has created so many issues for us. What mankind must do is when they find something beautiful in nature, they must not meddle, they must not do anything to affect its existence, they must do all they can to make sure that it is preserved and not affected. Mankind has gotten a terrible reputation as the destroyer of nature, and I hate to say that it is true. Well, when you travel, the least you can do is follow the rules and stay decent and preserve whatever is around you. Make sure that you don’t affect the natural existence of any creatures or monuments. That being said, here is a list of the best places to travel around the world.

– Visit the Great Barrier Reef before it wholly and actually dies out. The Great Barrier Reef has been known to be one of the biggest living things in the world and is also called nature’s marvel. It has been known to also be one of the most beautiful spectacles on the planet. You must visit this place soon, and when you do, make sure that you do not touch anything or litter. Observe nature’s beauty and enjoy.

nature’s beauty

– Visit the Buckingham palace along with the Big Ben and the London Eye in the beautiful city of London. Those are one of the most important places in the world, and you will enjoy yourself in that city. A tube ride will fascinate you.

– Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I am sure that it is on your bucket list; well, I am here to say that it is worth it. Paris is also one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the food, the people; almost everything will make you fall in love with that place. It is also known as the city of love.

– Make sure you visit the Hogwarts castle in Universal Studios in LA and when you are on your way there, visit the Grand Canyon.

– Go to New York and visit Times Square, The Statue of Liberty and also the Empire State Building. The city that never sleeps will impress you.


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