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Best Food Destinations On The Planet

Best Food Destinations On The Planet

Well, if you are looking for places to eat, you have come to the right place. You will not find any 5-star hotels on this list; you will find a lot of places to eat some really tasty food that will make your mouth water by just looking at it. Food is what drives us, isn’t it? Back in olden times, people used to have a job and work and cultivate fields in order to earn a living, and this used to be because of food. Food is one of the most important things that humans work with. We, humans, have learnt to mix ingredients and make them into things that our tongues are lucky to caress. Here is a list of places that have some of the tastiest foods at an affordable price as well.

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–    Bangkok, Thailand has been known to have some of the tastiest street food, ever. It is indeed easy to find people who are selling all kinds of foods on the streets; they will have tiny gas cylinders along with small stoves that will do the cooking for them. They have it figured out; they also use their own recipes for the kinds of foods that they sell. They will also have crowds even in the night as people; mostly tourists are always up and about, exploring the place. Although, if you go there, make sure that your wallet is in a safe space on your body.

–    Italy has to be on a list which talks about food. All the pizza you eat, thank Italy. They also have the tastiest pastas as well, since it originated there

–    Tokyo has been known to be home to Michelin-starred restaurants more than any other city on the planet. They are really famous for sushi. Tokyo is also home to thousands of street vendors that sell really delicious foods all the time.

–    Honolulu in Hawaii is known for its tasty treats as well. Their food is creative and has been known to be a mix and match of cuisines because it combines local traditions with some really yummy culinary tastes. Rest assured, if you visit Hawaii, you will see beautiful views, and you will have some of the best foods that you have ever tasted in your life.

–    Istanbul in Turkey definitely deserves a spot on this list as it is really recognizable for its street food. They have foods that are like a cross between a bagel and a pretzel.

–    I was waiting to write about Paris, and here it is. French food being one of my favorites, I had an amazing time in Paris, dining at tiny restaurants and cafes that make amazingly delicious foods at reasonable prices.

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